A Local and Sustainable Caught Product

We take pride in the sustainability of our fisheries and continue to seek ways to insure that our long history has an equally impressive future.


The Dungeness Crab BC Fisheries produces is caught sustainably and locally within all State, Federal and Tribal agencies.  Crabs are caught with regulation pots that help lessen the by-catch amounts.  Female crabs are all released which increases the fisheries ability to sustain for the coming years. Crabs are also caught at their prime when their shells are hard and full of meat.


Our Tuna is all sustainable and locally line caught. No nets are ever used when fishing. This type of fishing produces the very best quality, and eliminates inadvertent catch of other types of fish.


The Shrimp processed and packaged at BC Fisheries is caught by local fishing vessels off the Oregon coast. Oregon’s cold, clean, deep waters attribute to the Pandalus jordani’s clean, sweet flavor and brilliant pink color. Although not the largest shrimp varieties it’s outstanding flavor and texture makes up for what it may lack in size.

Shrimp caught off our coast means that there is a short time from harvest to finished product. No sulfating agents, preservatives or color enhancers are ever used on the boat or in our facility to maintain freshness, only flake ice and refrigeration is used.

BC Fisheries Shrimp is MSC certified. This means we operate under the principles set forth from The Marine Stewardship Council.

These principles state:

There are Sustainable Fish Stocks

  • The Fishing activity must be at a level which ensures it can continue indefinitely.

Fishing Minimizes Environmental Impact

  • Fishing operations must be managed to maintain the structure, productivity, function, and diversity of the ecosystem.

There is Effective Management

  • The fishery must comply with relevant laws and have a management system that is responsive to changing circumstances.