Commitment to Quality

BC Fisheries’ commitment is to quality and the customer.

Our Shrimp and Crab Products are Certified through USDC/NOAA.  As part of this we participate in the Seafood Inspection Program (SIP),  as a Quality Management Plan (QMP) facility.  Under this program we are certified to export to European Union and China.


Our Cook Process for Shrimp

BC Fisheries’ cooks our product with a three chamber steam cooker.  Steam cooking is gentle and uniform. Over cooking is avoided when using steam and no cross flavors are introduced, giving you a consistent level of quality. Steaming preserves the texture and flavor as well as reduces the loss of nutrients that happen with frying or boiling. Steam also helps maintain color and seal in freshness.

Our Cook Process for Crab

BC Fisheries’ cook process for crab is similar to shrimp but product is cooked with a two chamber steam cooker instead. Steam cooking preserves the taste and freshness of the meat.  Another benefit to this method is that there is continually fresh steam entering the cooker, rather than the traditional process where cook water is reused.

Cryogenic IQF Freezing for Shrimp

IQF or Individual Quick Freezing has many advantages. One of which is very little clumping during the freezing process. This increases the handling convenience and shortens the defrost time for the end customer.  Cryogenically freezing the product causes less damage to cell and protein structures than traditional methods. This not only preserves the texture, but allows the product to retain its fresh taste. This process also provides a higher nutritive value making it better for you.

Brine Chilling for Crab

Brine Chilling brings the crab temperature down quickly, which ensures that the crab does not continue to cook after being steamed. This ensures that the meat stays fresh and tender.

Packaging for Shrimp

Only packaging made with FDA compliant materials approved for food contact are used.

Certified scales checked daily by QC personnel are used to weigh each bag of finished product to guarantee five pounds of shrimp are in every bag. QC verifies this with defrost testing so no water is ever accounted for in finished product.

Packaging for Crab

Only packaging made with FDA compliant materials approved for food contact are used.

Our Crab is wrapped in standard LDPE wrap and placed in a wax coated wet-lock box. Our crab is also weighed with certified scales which are continually checked by our QC Personnel.